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Bree Sharp - David Duchovney - Lyrics Meaning

Bree Sharp's biting and comical "David Duchovney" song came from her Cheap and Evil Girl album. Though the song was viewed by some critics as a fluff piece, it showed off her soulful vocals and songwriting skills. Fans of the actor and the X-files spent considerable amounts of time trying to decode the many references in the song.

It certainly is a piece that is filled with multiple layers. If a listener is not sure who the David Duchovney is as an actor, or has not be a regular viewer of the X-files, there are many arrangements that are downright mysterious. The tapped phones, smoking man, and desire for murder are all rooted in plot lines of the show rather than the singer and song writers own paranoia.

Released in 1999, it earned enough attention to get Sharp an interview with Rolling Stone about the piece. She admitted that the song was dedicated to David, but also hoped that it would help showcase the way that fan love could blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Said Sharp, "I want to show how giddy, hot, and excellent that can be." She certainly succeeded - the actor himself was said to have played the piece over and over in his trailer on set!