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Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis - I Told You So - Lyrics Meaning

Travis first released this song on his second album, "Always and Forever," in 1988, an album that Underwood lists on her bio as being one of her three favorite albums of all time. After a duet of the song was performed by Travis and Underwood during Season 8 of American Idol in 2009, the song skyrocketed into the Top Ten on the Hot 100 chart.

In an interview with, Underwood said she thought it would be easier to do a cover song if the gender was switched because then fans wouldn't be comparing her version to the original. When she stumbled upon Travis's version of the song on her iTunes, she thought it was one that she'd be able to pull off, especially because there are few songs out there where the woman makes a mistake and asks the guy to take her back.

In the song, the narrator asks hypothetically how her lover would react if she said she wanted to come back home after they'd broken up. Would her lover laugh at her? Would he revel in the knowledge that he was right?

I told you so, oh I told you so

I told you someday you'd come crawling back

And asking me to take you in

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