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Christina Aguilera - Candy Man - Lyrics Meaning

Released in 2006, Christina Aguilera's "Candy Man" reached number 25 on the Billboard Charts. It represented yet another reinvention of herself by the sometimes controversial vocalist, who used jazz and swing riffs, including "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" to pull off the number. However, while the notes of the tune may have had innocent roots, the lyrics of the song hold a much more explicit message than the old-time music would imply.

A number of commentators have praised the technical merits of the song while shying away from the strong sexual content of the verses. It has been comical to many, including Aguilera who wrote the song, that her earlier explicit lyrics were better received when they were in modern compositions. Even so, the tale of a woman swept off her feet and out of her pants by a charmer had fans cheering as critics squirmed.

The lyrics spell out a simple message for men who are looking replicate the success of the "Candy Man" hero. Simply: be a sweet gentleman with a suggestive smile and a bit of persistence! The song celebrates the magic that happens when two people click on a social and hormonal level, and ends with the image of the couple swinging off into a new life together.

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