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Cliff Richard - Congratulations - Lyrics Meaning

Congratulations by Cliff Richard was released in 1968 and reached number 99 in the US charts and number 1 in the UK charts.

Cliff Richard described this song as like singing happy birthday and the writers of the song originally thought of the title 'I Think I Love You' but it was argued that you either love someone or you don't so they had to come up with a five syllable word to replace it so they came up with

Congratulations and Cliff Richard sang the song in the European song contest.

The lyrics to the song basically describe how he has fallen in love with someone and he is really pleased that they feel the same way about him. Before they met he was really unhappy.

He wants everyone to know the news that he couldn't really be happier.

Despite not winning the Eurovision Song Contest, the song topped the charts throughout Europe selling millions of copies and has been played at many notable events since, including at Buckingham Palace after the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It was also played to a national audience to welcome back the British troops after their stunning victory against Argentina for the war over the Falklands

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