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Climax Blues Band - I Love You - Lyrics Meaning

"I Love You" is a 1980 song by the Climax Blues Band. The song was one of the band's biggest hits and has been featured in the motion pictures like "Cherish" and "Zack and Miri Make A Porno." The song is widely used by couples at wedding receptions. It is also a very popular request on radio shows that focus on love songs and dedications.

Derek Holt wrote the song and sang lead vocals after years of providing mainly background vocals. Despite being a huge commercial hit in both the U.K. and the United States, other band members purportedly disliked the song. The song even led to the eventual breakup of the band as other band members did not want to perform Holt's tune in concert; even at the height of the song's chart success.

The song resonates so well with many couples because it's a pure love song about a man whose woman changes his life for the better. The singer is expressing an absolute appreciation and gratitude towards his lady. He describes himself as going nowhere, drinking too much, living a promiscuous lifestyle, letting himself go, and not realizing his potential until she entered his life.

She basically picks him up from rock bottom, dusts him off, and provides him with the inspiration and encouragement he needs to become a better man. Through her, his life is given a clear path and direction, and his heart now forever belongs to her. The lyrics depict instantaneous admiration and love that eternally bonds a husband to his wife.

Holt has admitted that the song is about his first wife. She never stopped believing in him and encouraged Holt to pursue his dream of being a paid musician. The song, while incredibly hard to find today on CD or vinyl (the band doesn't even include the track on their Greatest Hits package), still receives over 20,000 spins per year on U.S. radio.