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Colbie Caillet - Bubbly - Lyrics Meaning

Colbie Caillet's "Bubbly" is a simple song without a lot of studio processing over the artist's orginal work. Featured on her album Coco, the song actually was a MySpace hit before it was a chart-topper. Giving the sensation of re-experiencing a new crush, the song has been used at dances, date nights, and weddings.

The song seems to capture the sensations that happen when you first start falling in love with a new person. Since the song seems to focus on that new relationship feeling, many have questioned Caillet about who was the inspiration for the song, so that they could analyze the relationship meaning more deeply. Is the song about love with a new person, or falling hard for someone who has long been a friend but is now becoming something more?

Caillet, on the other hand, has admitted that the song is not about anyone. Instead of being about a new love, she feels the song is more about the hope of an upcoming relationship when you don't have anything going on for yourself at the moment. The song lyrics may seem to focus more on the physical sensations of infatuation, but it was her intent to capture just as much of the mental uplift of new love as she did the tangible reactions.

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