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Cold Play - Yellow - Lyrics Meaning

One of the bands more successful songs that was wriiten by vocalist Chris Martin it was inspired by the sight of starts one night as the songs main melody poped into his head, it was released as a single in 2000 it remained the bands backbone to launching their career.

It is thought that the songs title "Yellow" is used as a metaphor to explain the condition of liver disease as skin turns "Yellow" when the liver fails, Chris's mother who died from a liver disease was the core emotion written behind the song,

But it also touches a side of different interpretation to connect to a more personal level to its listeners, The song touches on losing someone you love slowly, a disease or something alike they have become or becoming more and more distant like a disease it is inevitable, slowly fading away from whatever love they had for them before, it underlies selfless love, one person feels for another that is tearing apart and there is nothing they can do execpt to keep going for as long as possible to the end while accepting the inevitable.