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Crosby, Stills, & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Lyrics Meaning

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes appeared on Crosby, Stills, and Nash's self-titled album in 1969. The song is about Stephen Stills' then girlfriend, Judy Collins.

Judy Collins was known for her striking blue eyes, Stills wrote the song as a suite to play on the word `sweet'. A suite is a series of musical compositions that are all related by being in the same key. When Stills was writing this song, he was well aware that his relationship with Collins was about to end, yet he wrote this song to try and win her back.

In the first song, Stills recalls happier times that the couple had shared and realizes that their relationship has changed. In the second song, he pleads with her for one more chance, asker her, "What have you go to lose?" In the third song, Stills recalls how happy he was with her and asks what he can do to win her back. At the very end of the song, the Spanish singing references the much happier time he spent in Cuba and how sad it is that he cannot go back because he has no family there.

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