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Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over - Lyrics Meaning

Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House was released in 1987 and reached number 2 in the US charts and number 27 in the UK charts.

The lead singer of crowded house, Neil Finn, wrote this song after having a really bad fight with his wife.

This is a love song and the lyrics explain that material things don't really matter but that love is the centre of everything.

The singer describes himself towing his car which has obviously broken down and has holes in the roof so he can't sleep in it.

The papers and television are full of bad news and everything is going wrong but at the end of the day he still has the woman he loves, so nothing else really matters.

All of the bad news in the world, and whatever happens between then, nothing will drive them apart and the thought of them making up is what is driving him on.

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Mike Pierce
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Oct 21, 2020 @ 10:22 pm
I believe the song "Don't Dream It's Over" was about Neil Finn's best friend, Paul Hester (drummer) who along with Neil Finn was a founding member of Crowded House.

Paul suffered from depression and I suspect he may have experimented with drugs and alcohol at times. I believe the song line "Try to catch a deluge in a paper cup" refers to a person drinking alcohol from a paper cup on a tour bus on a regular basis because of feeling bombarded by internal and external pressures.

There's a battle ahead...= The future will be challenging to control addictions, as well as demons, and everyone doe's not win their battle, but at the end of the day, if you stick with me, I won't abandon you and will help you through.

When the world comes in, they come, they come to build a wall between us, we know they won't win= means when the pressures of the world get on top of us and the demons of fear and depression come to visit us, while you are with me, the demons won't win.

Verse 2 seems to be Neil opening up and empathizing with Paul and probably refers to flashbacks when Neil was starting out on the road gigging by himself, broke, sleeping and living in a car with a leaking roof and then the car completely broke down. This was Neil sharing with Paul that Neil himself had gone through bad times, but he never gave up or lost hope.

The reference to possessions causing suspicion indicates an incident of delusion as it is understandable that if you had to live in a car for awhile, you might end up talking to your possessions or imagining them talking to you.
In the paper today...these two lines indicate that there is such bad/negative news from the world that you turn to the tv page to se what's on the telly.

Verse 3 Indicates Neil waking up and seeing the light himself, obviously following a period of reflection and enlightenment. This is expressed in the beautiful and positive words of the first two lines of this verse.
The last two lines of this verse refers to challenges ahead for awhile. Shadows being the daemons and fears from the past and the reference barely clearing the roof links to the car and the weight of the shadows is likened to trying to drive forward in the fog with the weight of the clouds on top of you. However, you have to focus on the feeling of liberation and release you will feel when the fog and the mist clears.
In other words, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!
The song is also an example of support, compassion, true friendship and pure LOVE.
Mike P Pierce

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