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Dido - Sand In My Shoes - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Sand In My Shoes" by Dido has been remixed into a number of versions, with fans and DJ's applying layers of meaning to the piece as they remix the music. While on one level it seems to be the straightforward tale of a girl who had a nice vacation and is sad to be home again, there are other interpretations. Which interpretation will resonate the most with you will depend on your personal situation.

For those who have ever experienced a vacation fling, the surface interpretation seems to do just fine. Many others spin the story out from a single vacation tale to be about all relationships that have ended. They say that the song captures the emotional impact of a break up quite well, as once you've loved deeply you always carry a bit of that person with you where ever you go.

Finally, others have interpreted the song as being about the larger world and the way that society never takes the time to appreciate the world around them. A number of lines talk about the disjointedness of the city life, and how the hustle and bustle makes it hard to relax and enjoy nature. As for the true meaning, Dido herself has not said, leaving the choice up to her fans.

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