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Disturbed - Inside the Fire - Lyrics Meaning

Inside the Fire is a song powerful enough to strike fear in anyone who is impressionable and afraid of a poor experience in the afterlife. Disturbed released yet another favorite hit when they released Inside the Fire, an eerie song with a powerful message.

The lyrics deliver a story about a girl who dies and has been taken to the underworld. The person left mourning her death is told by the devil that in order to stop the pain and suffering and to ever get the chance to see this girl (Devon), he must also give his soul to the devil. The devil assures him that the pain of her death will continue to replay is his mind as long as he chooses to keep his soul.

While the story is clear, the meaning behind it can be interpreted in various ways. One way to interpret the lyrics are to take the words for their literal meaning, and assume this is regarding the afterlife. Another way is to take a less literal meaning and apply it to behavior. This would suggest the devil being an advocate for negativity and urging someone to follow a loved one down a path of darkness, and the decision behind staying loyal and following, or keeping one's soul to remain on a better path.