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Enigma - Seven Lives - Lyrics Meaning

The song titled "Seven Lives" is a song from the band known as Enigma. The band released the song on their seventh studio album on September 19th, 2008 which was titled "Seven lives, Many Faces." The song was among the top fifty songs on the top fifty chart in Germany. This particular song from Enigma stayed among the chart upon the top one hundred songs for multiple weeks.

The meaning behind the song is one that can be interpreted in several different ways. The song contains a few different lyrics that give this particular song some significant meaning and definition. Some of the lyrics that draw attention to the meaning behind the song are lyrics such as "follow your inner guide, show us who you are in these seven lives" and "blinded by the darkness, that is the start of seven lives."

By reading the lyrics of this song and by the title of the album, it seems to be referring to the fact that you need to be yourself. Perhaps the seven lives line in the song illustrates the fact that an individual has lost their self and they need to reestablish who they truly are. The fact that the lyrics say "many faces" and "blinded by the darkness, that is the start of seven lives" insinuates that someone is being things that they are not.