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Fisher - I Will Love You - Lyrics Meaning

I Will Love You by Fisher is a beautiful love song that encompasses all of the things that many people wish they could tell the person they love. Fisher's sultry and soft voice set the mood for this powerful ballad, and brought tears to the eyes of many who listened.

I Will Love You is a deeply meaningful love song about the deep-rooted love this person shares for her loved one. It encompasses so many feelings into so few words and its simplicity and easy lyrics make this song applicable to anybody who is in love. I Will Love You is a song about truly being devoted to a person who they are deeply in love with and have given their heart to.

Fisher uses a handful of metaphors that signify undying and unyielding love in an artistic way that makes this song a lyrical wonder. Fisher's assumed uncertainty is brought out in a line that says, "But I need to know, will you stay for all time... forever and day?" It is not uncertainty in the sense of disbelief, but more in a way of assuring ones self that the love and devotion they are promising to give away will be returned with the same amount of devotion.

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