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Five For Fighting - Superman - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics for Superman by Five For Fighting depict a man that feels as though he is unable to live up to others' expectations. He is comparing his dilemma to the comic book hero Superman, and is relating his inability to be the best to a metaphor that most people would be familiar with. He feels as though he is missing something important about himself, and that it is necessary to do some soul searching in order to find what he is looking for. He wants to be more than what everyone thinks of him, but at the same time does not believe he can perform to their standards.

He feels as though he is stuck in a situation that cannot change because he has to be able to please others. He is defending his rights to be disappointed and frustrated, and to be able to cry if he wanted to. He knows that what is expected of him is superhuman; there is no way for everything to be done at once. The line "it's not easy to be me", is repeated throughout the song, making it clear that he is struggling with his image of himself and how others perceive him.

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