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Fleetwood Mac - Landslide - Lyrics Meaning

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham wrote "Landslide" while living in Aspen, Colorado in 1973

The song, "Landslide" is about her life in general at that time. Everything seemed to be coming down like a landslide. The Buckingham Nicks album had been dropped from Polydor. Stevie Nicks had gone back to being a waitress and a cleaning lady in order to pay the bills and allow Lindsey to work on their music. Stevie's parents told her that if she wanted to go back to school, they'd support her.

In the lyrics, climbing the mountain and snow-covered hills refers to the Rocky Mountains that she was able to see from the window of the house that she and Lindsey were living in. She was unsure about making a change in the direction her life was going.

"Time makes you bolder, even children get older, I'm getting older too" is an important part of the song. Stevie is realizing that she is getting older and that if her musical career doesn't work out soon, she will have to make a change. Part of her struggle is that she isn't sure how much longer she should wait before deciding that she has to move on. Within a year's time, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had joined Fleetwood Mac and were on their way to musical success.

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