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Foo Fighters - All My Life - Lyrics Meaning

All My Life by the Foo Fighters was released in 2002 and reached number 5 in the UK charts and number 43 in the US charts.

The lead singer of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, was quoted as saying he wrote this song after splitting up with his first wife and spending the following year in a haze of drink, drugs and wild women.

The song lyrics describe him looking for something that he just can't find, he is trying to fill the void left by his wife leaving him.

He also goes on to describe what he gets up to with the women he is going out with during this period and describes in quite a bit of detail the act of cunnilingus.

He is looking for someone to replace his wife but when he goes with all of these women he can only see the face of his ex wife when he looks at them.

He also says that all he can think of all day long is getting back with his wife and all of the drinking and sleeping around is not making things any better.

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