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Gilbert O'Sullivan - Nothing Rhymed - Lyrics Meaning

Nothing Rhymed was written and performed by the Irish born singer-songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan who had a series of hits in the early 1970s in the UK and parts of Europe. He caught the imagination of the public through an unusual image, obviously created for him. On stage he dressed like a twelve year old school boy of the 1930s, wearing short trousers and a flat cap, partially covering a horrendous pudding bowl haircut. Although, eventually O'Sullivan's prodigious talent more than his bizarre appearance brought his success. The song "Nothing Rhymed", which achieved chart success in the UK as well as in the Netherlands is a form of rhetoric seemingly delivered by the boy/man character first of why no-one takes him too seriously, especially his mother, when he behaves as they would expect of him. O'Sullivan sends out a message in the song of why when he has such a rich life style and more or less anything that he wants that there are many others throughout the World who have nothing. "Will I glance at my screen and see real human beings, starve to death right in front of my eyes." Is the stand out line from the song that Gilbert delivered in the poignant tone that made him famous

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May 12, 2017 @ 11:11 am
The Wikipedia entry disagrees that the image was created for him, suggesting that he insisted upon it even though this manager Gordon Mill hated it.

At the time his appearance was not considered 'bizarre', unless the entire line-up of a Top of the Pops edition is considered bizarre, with glam rock bands being popular at the time.

It perhaps reflects a different attitude that 'different' was welcomed and enjoyed in those days, not criticised for it.

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