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Greg Holden- The Lost Boy - Greg's most prominent song that was inspired by after reading "What Is - Lyrics Meaning

The What?" a true story of a Sudanese Refugee that launched his career massively being used and supported in Hit TV series such as Sons of anarchy allowing him to tour more around the US and Europe a number 1 in Holland, the song has also been used as a charity single such as the raise of over ?32,000 for Red Cross during Radio˙3FM's annual charity campaign in 2012.

The songs folky yet melodic style is moving and powerful keeping lyrics of the song simple, the lyrics go through a child's perception of a time of hard upbringing, having to abandon his home and parents he keeps hope that "they will come get him when it's safe for us to move" But they never do, years go by with him waiting for their return like his farther said, he makes a new life in a new family making "brothers of a different kind instead".

He goes on to becoming optimistic about his past, that the hardships he's been through he can help others "A hero to the masses" he wants to be seen as an icon that helps those that's also been through what he has, he is going to be a better man and will not as he says,

"I won't let my future go on with the help from my soul"