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Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off - Lyrics Meaning

Clothes Off by Gym Class Heroes is a popular dance song because of its catchy lyrics and lively beat. The lyrics are explaining the thoughts of a man that is in a bar and is under the impression that he can have any girl he desires. He knows that he is charming and he is expecting her to fall under his spell. He is attracted to her for her own attitude, and he believes that they would make a good pair for the evening. He is using his fame to sway her opinion of him, and he is surprised when she has not heard of him.

However, she does begin to fall for his games, and in his head he finds her such a fool. She is "buying every line of it", but he does not blame her because he is that good and he believes that he would fall for the same game if he was on the receiving end. In the lyrics, he is bragging about how her friend is all over him, and even though he keeps trying to back off, she is that hooked on him that she keeps finding a way to get in touch with him. In the end, she does fall for his game, and his ego is once again pumped up.

27. John Mayer - Say

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