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Hanson - Mmmbop - Lyrics Meaning

Hanson hit success out of nowhere in 1997 due largely to their song `Mmmbop'. To many it was seemingly a shallow pop song with lyrics and words that didn't exist, let alone make sense. Hanson however had a very clear theme in mind when they recorded this song and driving reasons for it.

It talks of friendship and the good stead there is in maintaining them. `Mmmbop' actually means a short period of time (according to Hanson). For Hanson you can lose good friends in an `mmmbop' if you don't maintain the friendships.

`So hold on to the ones who really care,

In the end they'll be the only ones there'

The song also talks of turning your back on the one or two close friends you will gain in this life, but not in a literal sense. Rather it is referring to the attitude of treating their friendship as if it is transient. `Mmmbop' has a message of caring for the ones you love in a practical and tangible way.

Despite backlash to the sheer popularity of the song Hanson are still proud of their work and now perform eh song in a much lower tone (their pre-pubescent voices can no longer sing it how they used to)

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