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Hazel O'Conner - Will You? - Lyrics Meaning

This song formed part of the soundtrack for the 1980 film Broken Glass which starred Hazel O'Conner who also wrote the BAFTA nominated film score. This track was never intended for the film and found its way into the score because it happened to fit well with a particular scene.

The lyrics capture a brief moment in time that many people can identify with and this, along with a lengthy saxophone solo, made it a huge hit for O'Conner when it was released as a single.

The story begins with a couple sitting on a sofa, politely passing the time but the tension between the two is brought to life brilliantly by O'Conner's delivery of the lyrics.

The couple is both wondering if this is the night that their relationship will become more intimate but neither one knows what the other is thinking. The `Will You?' being asked in the title refers to the situation; will he stay the night?

The uncertainty, the anticipation, the awkward silences and clumsy moves are all conveyed through the lyrics, making it possible to share both the discomfort and the excitement of the moment in this beautiful ballad.

By the end of the song we're as desperate as she is to know the answer to her question; will he stay the night? We never do find out!

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