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Hole - Violet - Lyrics Meaning

Taken from their controversial second album Live Through This, "Violet" was a Hole hard rock number. Angry and biting, the song further stirred up controversy for being partially autobiographical in addition to bitter. The lyrics came in for advanced scrutiny from fans eager to see what may have belonged to Kurt Cobain, and what was purely Courtney Love's work.

The song tells the story of a bad relationship, while simultaneously dispensing advice about holding back pieces of yourself. Most of the vocals are nearly screamed, increasing the anger of the lyrics. It is a dark number for sure, implying all of the destructiveness and misery that abuse, depression, and betrayal can bring.

It can also be interpreted as being about a particularly degrading job. Some have made the case that it is an autobiographical number about Hole lead singer Love's days as a stripper. The video seemed to back this up, but interviews showed otherwise.

According to Love, the song was written about a jerk that she knew. Many speculated that it was the Smashing Pumpkin's Billy Corgan, as she had said that the song was a hex causing her jerk to lose his hair. Their past involvement and his baldness were legend, but Love has refused to name names.

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