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Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek - Lyrics Meaning

The first single by Imogen from her album Speak for yourself. The song is performed with the sole accompaniment being a keyboard synth, creating an altered a capella sound. The song talks about the aftermath of the loss of someone either a relationship breakup or on a large scale like a war such as 9/11 or an accident that has her outraged at the world for what it has become, it goes through the emotions that people go through when they are grieving a tragic loss or a break up from someone they love. She's realizing the only things that are stable are physical things, inanimate objects that don't feel connecting this the numbness she's becoming. She goes on to expressing that she misses the past, she feels it was meaningful and had worth. The song reflects on a combination of emotional anguish and a certain sense of disbelief/nostalgia suffered from what has happened or someone who has just been broken up with. "hide and seek" portion of the lyrics to illustrate just how transient a relationship can be in the grand scheme of things. There an overwhelming sense of insensitivity that the one person must have felt at the end of the relationship.

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