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Jaggerz - The Rapper - Lyrics Meaning

The Rapper was released in 1970 on the album, "We Went to Different Schools Together".

The song was written by Donnie Iris. The word `rap' is a slang term that means `to talk". The song is about overconfident men who try to `pick up` women. The first verse illustrates this idea. The line, "There`s someone out to get you"references any man who is looking to meet the girl.

The song serves as a notice to girls that men who think they are "God's gift to women" may approach them "on a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store" and strike up a conversation. Once one of these men gets a girl's attention, he tells her that he needs someone to talk to. What he is really after is someone to "sock it to", or have sex with. He is then likely to make an invitation to his place so that the girl is one step closer to where he wants her.

The word rapper was not mean to mean rapist, and was not a reference to Jack the Ripper, contrary to some peoples' speculation. The song is only about the band's observations while playing in clubs every night.