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Jo Dee Messina - Bring on the Rain - Lyrics Meaning

The song `Bring on the Rain' was written by Billy Montana who states that "This song was just trying to be a song of empowerment, more than anything." When Lambert first heard the song she said "I'm gonna record that song" and she did on her `Burn' album which featured it as the fourth single. However, coincidentally the song was first released on September 10, 2001 the day before the terrorist attacks where acted out upon the World Trade Center and the people of the United States and it became a sort of theme song for the United States upon the aftermath of these horrible terrorist attacks.

This song was used as an anthem and was often featured with commentary from mayor Giuliani and President Bush as well as sound bites from ground zero. It was a powerful song of strength, courage and overcoming anything no matter how terrible things may be at that very moment in time. Although the lyrics to the song did not initially intend to be a song about 9/11 due to the timing of the release many people link this song to the tragedy of 9/11 and the resolving strength of the American people when faced with hard times. The week after the attacks on the trade center this was one of the only songs which showed a gain on the charts because of the powerful message of strength and comfort that it brought to the people of America at such a difficult time.