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John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics Meaning

Imagine was released in 1971. It was the first track on the "Imagine" album.

In the first verse, John asks us to imagine that there is no heaven or hell. People would live for today and not for where they may be tomorrow. In the second verse, he asks us to imagine having no countries, so that there would be no war between them. In the third verse, John wants us to imagine not having any possessions and sharing everything. The second and third verses of the song are especially communist in nature.

This song reflects John Lennon's beliefs, and those were that there should be one world without division between countries without religion, and without materialism. In short, the song was John's idea of a perfect world. The chorus, "You may say I'm a dreamer..." points out that although his ideas may seem far-fetched, there are others who have the same ideas. If everyone joins John's way of thinking, the whole world will be unified. Lennon described this song as anti-religious, anti-capitalistic, and anti-nationalistic. John's idea is that a communist world would be the solution to all the world's problems.


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