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John Mayer - Say - Lyrics Meaning

Say by John Mayer stresses the importance of saying what you need to say because you may lose the chance to do so. He finds it necessary to not waste the opportunity to express your feelings, and that keeping them in can cause you "frustration" and "wasted honor". Being able to speak your mind will enable you to have a clear conscience and not experience any regrets. He refers having the courage to speak up to "walking like a one man army", but if you are able to battle and beat the doubts in your mind, then you will end up better off in the long run.

When you do not say how you are feeling, the details end up replaying over and over. Instead of "living out the same old moment", get the issues off of your chest in the first place. The lyrics explain that it is a better option to have too much to say than to never state what your feelings are. The song instructs you to open your heart up wide and "say what you need to say" regardless of nervousness, broken faith, or a person that is close to being gone. If you do not seize the opportunity, the chance may never come.

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