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Jordin Sparks - Battlefield - Lyrics Meaning

Battlefield by Jordin Sparks tells the story of a relationship that can quickly go from good to bad. She is in love with him, but their differences always cause them to end up in an argument. The situation gets so bad and they are fighting so often that she refers to their love as a "battlefield" and tells him to go and "get your armor". Their dilemma is not an easy one because it is not as if she is hates him, it is just that their differences will get in the way of them loving each other. They do not want to end their relationship, but she is looking to put an end to the constant arguing they are experiencing.

The biggest problem they are encountering in their relationship is that they are both stubborn and unwilling to swallow their pride and "neither of us want to raise that flag". But if they are unable to come to a compromise, they are going to lose their relationship. Their arguing gets to the point that they do not even remember what began a fight, and she claims that "I never meant to start a war, you know I never want to hurt you". If they can get over the fighting, they will be able to have a healthy relationship that they will both be happy in.

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