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Justin Timberlake - SexyBack - Lyrics Meaning

Released on his 2006 album Future/Sex/Love/Sounds, "SexyBack" holds the record for most copies sold in a week by a singer ever. Justin Timberlake scored big with the number, which dominated 2006 and 2007 charts before become a permanent party anthem. And yet, despite all of the song's popularity, the lyrics are cryptic enough to be open to multiple interpretations.

Some scoff at this, pointing out that the singer merely wished to indicate that he was bringing sexy back. Others ask "From where?" and point out the predatory nature of the piece. It was a definite departure from some of his earlier ballad work, but the singer / songwriter hasn't deeply elaborated. Instead, he prefers to let the work stand as it is, or parody himself with the lyrics.

The video only enhanced the predatory notes in the lyrics. Shot as an action club movie, the chorus is transformed into a predatory club sex stalking of the female lead. Despite frequently asking "you ready?" it is clear that the singer has no intention of waiting for a polite response. Though some have protested the dominant implications of the lyrics, most fans are content with just rocking out and being mystified as to the true meaning of the piece.

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