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Kellie Pickler - Tough - Lyrics Meaning

This song is an anthem for Pickler who had to overcome many obstacles in her life that she was able to successfully overcome by being `tough.' Although the song was not written by Pickler she relates strongly to it. Leslie Satcher was the songwriter for this song and was able to sum up Picklers' attitude in a nutshell with the lyrics. She was provided with numerous song lyrics but she did not feel that they accurately depicted her personality so she chose not to use them on her album. The lyrics were derived from personal conversations that Satcher had with Pickler about personal experiences in her life.

The song lyrics describe the difficult life which Kellie lived being brought up by her grandparents because her mother abandoned her and her father who was an alcoholic was in and out of jail. Picker admits that doing this son helped her to become even stronger and more emotionally tough. Doing the song "was very therapeutic and healing" for Pickler and helped her come to terms with things that happened in her past that she did not really work through. The lyrics to this song are an explanation of the things that happened in her life that made her `tough' and are an anthem for her overcoming all of the obstacles set before her.

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