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Kenny Chesney - There Goes My Life - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney explain the progression of a man's thoughts from when he finds out he is going to be a father until it is time for his daughter to move away and go to college. The song begins when he feels that he is way too young to be a father because he is only a kid himself and he is not going to be able to raise one. He believes that his life is going to be over, and that he might as well forget about his own dreams because he is tied down now.

The lyrics then go into how he realized that his "mistake" is really his whole world. He adores his little girl with her "blue eyes and bouncin' curls". At this point, he acknowledges that all of his younger hopes and aspirations would never amount to the pride he has in being the father of his little girl and he knows now that she is his everything. When she is grown up and ready to move away to go to college, he understands that this is what she must do, but he is devastated to see her go. She really has become his whole world and now she is leaving him.

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