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Korn - Falling Away From Me - Lyrics Meaning

The popular song titled "Falling away from me" is a song released from the band known as Korn. Falling away from me was a track on the bands fourth studio album which was called issues. The issues album was released on December 6th of 1999.

The meaning of this particular song has continued gain speculations about what the meaning is behind this song or what the story is behind the song. There have been several speculations that the song is the result of an experience of one of the band members who was molested at a young age. However, the lyrics of the song do not release any specific signs that molestation is a key factor for the meaning of the song. The song does have several different lyrics throughout the duration of the track that do provide insight to the meaning of the song.

The track contains lyrics that do insinuate some type of abuse. However, it is not clear what type of abuse is taking place. This could be related to as sexual abuse, physical abuse, or verbal abuse. The song does not provide a connection for what type of abuse, it just reveals that abuse is the root of the meaning. The song has a line that says "I flirt with suicide" which reveals that abuse leads people to end their lives. The bottom line of the song is that you do not have to be a victim of abuse of any sort.