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LA Guns - Ballad of Jayne - Lyrics Meaning

"Ballad of Jayne" is a 1989 power ballad by the band L.A. Guns. L.A. Guns featured guitarist Traci Guns, who was the "Guns" part of the original Guns `n' Roses, with Axl Rose. The song reached number 33 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and also charted at number 53 in the U.K.

Jayne Mansfield, an American actress, pin-up model, and blonde sex symbol, famous in the 1950's and 1960's for her cleavage revealing outfits and curvy hourglass figure, was supposedly the inspiration behind the song. Mansfield was killed in an automobile accident in 1967. One verse of the song is "Now she's breaking hearts in heaven, shining bright in the sky" which is an acknowledgement of Mansfield's celebrity while alive, and the affection that young men had towards her. Guitarist Traci Guns supposedly had a fondness for Mansfield while growing up.

However, beyond being and ode to Jayne Mansfield, the song resonates with anyone that has lost a love or someone special to them. The lyrics recall a "diamond shining bright in the rain," and seem to be coming from someone that is mournful and nostalgic for days gone by. This is especially apparent with the lyric "time don't heal a broken gun." - a play on the band's name, but nonetheless, a statement of sorrow, heartbreak, and missing something that once was.

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