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Lady GaGa - Love Game - Lyrics Meaning

Love Game by Lady GaGa is a very descriptive song about her having fun and the desires to have her needs met. She cannot figure out if she is looking for a relationship or to only have a good time with a man.

Her lyrics state that if she kisses him now, she may end up missing him. She describes these feelings as "complicated and stupid", but she is under the impression that she was visited by Cupid and that is giving her reason to have to play a love game.

This "love game" is denying her the ability to achieve long term intimacy with another person, and all her heart will allow her stand at this point in time is 3 seconds. She is able to find intimacy from someone during a brief encounter where she gets all of the holding and loving she needs at that time. Once she desires more, she will find that from another person.

Her only desire is to have some fun while on the dance floor and then if needed, to take that fun elsewhere. Her mission is to find a partner to fulfill her needs at the present time, unconcerned about what impact that decision might make on the future.

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