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Lamb - Gabriel - Lyrics Meaning

For obvious reasons Lambs' `Gabriel' has been misinterpreted as a religious song. Reason for this being that Gabriel was one of the Angles used as a messenger to communicate with Mary mother of Jesus. One of the few angels in the bible to be specifically named.

This is not the case however. Light is shed on the subject when you are equipped with the information that it was written by Louise Reeds whose son is named Gabriel.

The song is about the symbiotic and unconditional relationship between a mother and child. The mother should remain dependant from her son and while this is technically the case she does not feel this way.

`I can fly,

but I want his wings'

She has a life without him but a life in `darkness' he brings light to her world.

Later the song talks about the songs he sings which refer to his gargle and attempts at speech. The term `angel' has no attachment to the religious kind in any way. It simply refers to the fact that for the singer her son is her savior and reason for living.

A fragile nature of the songs composition reflects the fragility of her life because of its dependence on her son; it is though no doubt a love song of the purest form.

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