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Lateef and the Chief - Don't Stop - Lyrics Meaning

Don't Stop was released in 2004 on the CD "Ambush"

The singer is singing about a woman who is avoiding getting into a relationship. The song starts out when the girl is 13 years old and she is friendly and outgoing. By the time she is 16, the boys in her neighborhood were interested in her. The girl begins avoiding relationships in order to protect her heart from being broken. This is probably due to having her heart broken by one of the boys that she went out with. When she turned 19, she wasn't interested in men. She would act "too fly" and not let a man get very close to her emotionally because of her fear of being hurt again. When she is older, she is still alone and running from men.

The song is a message for women to realize that just because they have a bad relationship it doesn't mean that all men are bad. Setting standards too high for anyone to reach is a sure way to stay alone. Setting them too low is not good either. If a relationship fails, move on and look for "a good catch".

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