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Leon Russell - Hummingbird - Lyrics Meaning

Hummingbird is a duet between B.B. King and John Mayer. It can be found on the Cd, "80", which was released in 2005. Hummingbird was written by Leon Russell and recorded by many other artists.

Hummingbird is a style of vibrato which B.B. King is known for. In playing this style, a guitarist has to move the wrist fast - like a hummingbird's wings. For this reason, "Hummingbird" is a very fitting song for King.

In the song, the hummingbird is a woman. She is little and she loves him. Sometimes, the singer can get impatient, or possibly even angry. The hummingbird is able to calm him without even saying anything. The woman and the hummingbird are similar in real life. Hummingbirds are drawn to red flowers and even red objects. They will fly toward something red thinking they can get nectar from it. When people are impatient or angry, they can turn red. "She gets me where I live" can mean that she comes to him, like the hummingbird comes to the red flowers.

The fact that the woman in the song understands him and eases his mind makes him realize how lucky he is. He never wants to lose her.