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Little Anthony and the Imperials - Tears on my Pillow - Lyrics Meaning

Tears on My Pillow although widely covered since its release in 1958, is most widely associated with Brooklyn, New York pop group, Little Anthony and the Imperials. From the pen of song writing duo Sylvester Bradford and Al Lewis, Tears on my Pillow was known as a doo-wop song, mirroring the close harmonies that were very popular doing that era, especially on the East Coast of the USA. The song reached number four in the Billboard Top 10

The high pitched vocal rendition by Little Anthony or Jerome Anthony Gourdine to give him his full title describes the tears on his pillow and pain in his heart caused to him by his ex-girlfriend who had decided to end the relationship. It is possible to read into the lyrics that Little Anthony feels that has been treated badly, like some gadget that can easily be set aside, when something ( or someone) more trendy or modern comes along. Despite the blow to his pride, Little Anthony is prepared to give his former love a second chance although he knows that he is taking a chance of being rejected again.

"If we could start anew, I wouldn't hesitate

I'd gladly take you back, and tempt the hands of fate"


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