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Liz Phair - Rock Me - Lyrics Meaning

With this song, released on her 2003 self-titled album, Liz Phair was both staying true to her roots and experimenting. "Rock Me" was one of four songs produced with The Matrix, a vocals team who usually worked with pop legends instead of indie-rock princesses. However, while some called the song a sell out, others insisted that the lyrics showed that Phair was staying true to her regular themes and not ditching her fans for fame.

The song chronicles a love story of sorts, which Phair playing the role of a sexual predator for a charming but much younger man. The song has been interpreted as being rather autobiographical, as its release in 2004 was not long after Liz Phair got divorced and had to re-enter the wild world of dating. Having always chronicled her romances in her music, this has been commonly accepted.

The song even goes so far as to break the 4th wall, with one line comically whining that "you don't even know who Liz Phair is", a reference to her youthful lover's ignorance of her early rock fame. Despite his youth and ignorance, she insists throughout the song that the shocked stares of their friends will be more than worth the time they will spend together.