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Lonestar - I'm Already There - Lyrics Meaning

I'm Already There by Lonestar explains how one man who is forced to be away from his family is able to console himself as well as his wife and children when the distance seems too great to bear. When he calls his wife, he is instantly panged by loneliness while she is at home with his beloved children. He quickly pulls it together when his child gets on the phone and asks when he will be returning. Thinking on his toes, he comes up with an answer that will make the situation better for everyone.

He explains to his child, as well as to his wife and himself that while he may be far away in body, his presence is still in the home with his loved ones. He tells his child that he is everywhere, and that he knows he will be in his child's prayers as well. When speaking to his wife, he explains to her that his presence is with her in the love they share in each other's hearts. Having this thought in everyone's minds makes it easier to cope with the distance and the time apart and brings them all together for the time being.

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