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Lori Lieberman - Killing me softly - Lyrics Meaning

Covered most famously by Roberta Flack and the Fugees Killing me softly can easily be interpreted as a love song but that is not the case, in fact far from it.

Originally penned by Lori Lieberman in 1971 in response to another lyricists piece. After seeing Don Mclean not knowing much about his act Lori was struck with awe by his most famous piece `American Pie'. That song written about the death of Buddy Holly in relation to the `day music died' touched Lori deeply. (`I felt all flushed with fever')

She too felt the same way and while relating to Don's beautiful lyrics and melody was deeply pained. He was in fact `killing her softly with his fingers'.

This pain of realization is further enhanced by Don's aloofness to the suffering

`He sang as if he knew me,

in all my dark despair,

and then he looked right through me'

The expression `killing me softly' has now entered the everyday vernacular and the song has been featured in major feature films. Don responded after initially not realizing the song was about him by saying he was `amazed' and `humbled' by the `brilliantly performed' song.