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Lynard Skynard - free bird - Lyrics Meaning

Considered by many as one the best rock songs of all times, hitting charts worldwide, it was released as a single in 74 it was the bands longest recorded song.

The inspiration for the song came from Allen collins ex-girlfriend, Kathy, whom he later married, asked him, "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" Which became the intro to the song.

The song was tribute to the late Dwane Allman, which was original written as a love song though the orginal didn't have a piano playing in fact it is the reason Billy Power the keyboard player joined the band, the song received bad critic from several record companies because it sounded like an Allman Bros Song, but soon was accepted a record deal.

In an interview with Ronnie he said that "FreeBird" does also reflect on his desire to literally be as free as a bird. He always thought of them as creatures with no boundaries and could just fly away.

"If I stay here with you girl things just couldn't be the same" "and this bird you cannot change"

Suggests he's breaking up with a girlfriend or he's telling someone they have got to leave and they cannot be changed