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MGMT - Kids - Lyrics Meaning

`Kids' by MGMT is on the surface simply a nostalgic reflection on the good times of childhood, as you dig deeper though you realize that isn't the case.

The two verses set the scene for juxtaposition between the happiness that comes with the freedom of youth and the weight of responsibility that bears down on the shoulders of an adult.

Beginning with the optimistic, `Crawling on your knees toward it, making momma so proud' is later mirrored with the `A baby is born, crying out for attention.' Now from this new perspective even the outside perspective of childhood is marred with potential pit falls.

Overall the theme of the song is repeated in the chorus, `Control yourself, and Take only what you need from it'.

An advisement from the writer to the listener to enjoy what they can from the recollections of their childhood while they can, while it is not like looking through a `fogged mirror'. In the nature of the songs conflicts though this is metered out by highlighting that looking into our families past is not our place, `Family Tress waiting to be haunted'.

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