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Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis - Lyrics Meaning

Midnight at the Oasis released in 1974, was written, arranged and produced by David Nichtern and performed by singer Maria Muldaur, a well known folk singer and an icon of that time. The song was the only commercial success for either Nichtern or Muldaur, making it to number six on the Billboard Hot 100 of that year.

The song gained fame and some notoriety at that time because of Muldaur's sultry and sensual singing voice, slightly erotic lyrics conjuring up pictures of nights of love making under the desert sky with the only light coming from the stars as the camels grazed at the nearby watering hole.

Midnight at the Oasis makes strong use of a particularly pleasant instrumental bridge, arranged by David Nichtern, and played on acoustic string guitar by Amos Garrett, who was a close friend of Muldaur's husband.

There is no doubt that the song was written "tongue in cheek" and makes no attempt to take itself seriously. Throughout the song, references are made to cactuses, which are not the kind of things that you will find in the desert, especially alongside where camels are grazing.


Even then, Midnight at the Oasis remains an enjoyable piece of musical escapism to this day.


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