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Mariah Cary - Obsessed - Lyrics Meaning

This is actually a `diss song' aimed at Eminem, a retaliation song in fact. Eminem penned `Bagpipes over Bagpipe' where he spoken of the relationship him and Mariah Allegedly had. Mariah denied and remnants of a relationship and the war of words ensued.

In this number Mariah Carey starts with `Will the real MC step to the Mic?' a nod to Eminems `Real Slim Shady' and it doesn't become anymore enlightened from there.

She attributes the obsession the opposing partner's drugs problem, from weed to E's and then digs deeper looking for the real reason for the animosity.

`Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress,

Last man on the earth, still couldn't get this.'

Just to ensure that the song isn't mistaken for being about anyone else she talks of the `Napoleon Complex' which is also an indication the song is aimed at the short Marshall Mathers.

It was produced with the help of her husband. On July 31st 2009 Eminem responded with the song `Warning' using his fast firing no holds barred approach to recording. He also claims to have nude pictures of Mariah that he will release in the coming months.