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Marmalade - Loving Things - Lyrics Meaning

Marmalade was a successful pop group hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, who enjoyed some popularity in late nineteen sixties to the early nineteen seventies.

Loving things was Marmalade's first chart entering song, making it to number six in 1969. The song was written and produced by a well known figure of the sixties music scene -Keith Mansfield.

Marmalade went on to record a number of UK and US chart songs and even to write and produce their own music.

The song is simple and well written, describing a couples love and devotion to each other. That since they met the couple has felt good about each other and life in general. The male singer describes love affairs of the past that have been less successful, and how he feels so much more secure in this relationship.

Their relationship is obviously very vocal and they spend a lot of time

re-assuring each other of the "Loving things that they share."