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Matchbox 20 - Bright Lights - Lyrics Meaning

The song Bright Lights appears on the 2007 self-titled Matchbox 20 album.

In the song opening, the girl goes away to New York City and took all except the singer's name, suggesting that he may have asked her to marry him. He is puzzled by why she left him for the big city. He tells her that she may find whatever she's looking for in the big city, but if she doesn't, she's welcome to come back home to him. The singer feels empty without her, yet he has allowed her to go ahead and chase her dreams.

The girl in the song is possibly trying to pursue a career in acting, however, the reference to Broadway and New York can also be a metaphor for getting out and exploring the world. The singer laments over what he will do without having her in his life. At the end of the song, he sounds agitated and tells her to let the city take her in and spit her out. He is expressing his fear that she will get hurt out in the city (or the world) alone and that she should just turn around and come home already.