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Mazzy Star - Fade Into You - Lyrics Meaning

Mazzy Star, a female fronted alternative slow core band, achieved their greatest success in 1994 with the single "Fade Into You." The song, with lyrics by vocalist Hope Sandoval and music by guitarist David Roback, peaked on the Billboard Modern Rock charts at number three. "Fade Into You" was also a Top 50 single in both the United States and the U.K. The video was prominently featured on MTV, and the song has been featured in movies such as Angus, Nicholas Cage's 2005 Lord of War, Guy Ritchie's Swept Away, and countless television shows such as Alias, Desperate Housewives, Roswell, Without a Trace, Cold Case, Gilmore Girls and CSI Miami.

The song has different meanings to different people. For most, it's a reminder of an era of alternative music that defined a generation post Seattle-grunge. Memories of teenage make out sessions, slow dances, and romantic courting. Some people take the lyrics as words coming from a shy wallflower type that is finally confessing their feelings to the object of his or her affection.

The lyrics are most widely interpreted as a bittersweet story of falling in love with someone that is slightly damaged and incapable of living up to expectations. Hope Sandoval hauntingly sings of trying to connect with her partner on both an emotional and physical level; until, she begins to realize that this person can't give back. They aren't quite positioned where they need to be in life. You can hear the disappointment and heartbreak in the way she sings her lyrics.

She has in many ways given herself to whomever she sings to. They have become everything to her and she's lost herself in the process. She's faded into him and has discovered that she's slightly damaged as a result.

The verse "I think it's strange you never knew" seems to suggest that this person hasn't even noticed Hope's heartache or her true feelings because their soul is damaged, their world may be dark, and they're self-centered and lacking a certain depth. It's as if this person fails to realize that the couple aren't the same two people they once were. He never noticed that she's morphed into something to appease him rather than something true to herself.

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Aug 13, 2021 @ 3:15 pm
My grandma used to say: "ich geh auf und davon".
Whether subconsioulsly or not, saying, "i'll go off and away and will fade away into youth and my offspring". About death and fading away. Maybe fading into your new self after psychosurgery and rehab. Or giving birth to a brain dead or perceptionally limited disabled child. Or maybe the genes of the father were that of a sociopath. It's such a calm and simple song. A lot of space. Wonderful. Like you had a lobotomy. I too feel strange and dimmed since my allegeldly tonsillectomy in 1990. And back then they still had Lyodura lying around.
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Oct 5, 2021 @ 12:12 pm
I have read several takes and analysis of the 'Fade Into You' lyrics and they all similarly leave out the same possible consideration... that the writer, whilst feeling frustrated, is out of touch with themselves and their own outward expressions. Hope's stoic vocal delivery reminds me of girls I've known, who are so timid and low key in their approach to life and how they show their feelings that its a wonder anyone knows what's going on with them. They may be experiencing emotional fireworks in their head but their outward energies are so low key, devoid of snap and their verbal expression so vague or indirect that they are mistaken in thinking the disconnection at hand is wholly the other person's fault. With that said, I agree its a song about an unsatisfying,disconnected relationship but the lyrics I think, present a subjective view, which most love songs are highly guilty of. Fans often take the expressions of the writer as being fact, when it might not be the case. Most summations of these lyrics see the girl's love interest as a sort of emotional blackhole for her romantic feelings... but it may be that they are simply disipating in the noted void, for lack of thrust towards their intended destination.
Ametepeh charles
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Jun 11, 2022 @ 11:11 am
I feel deep heart break of dead love to a good friend lost in swimming can be silenced with unfortunate bearer's.
Life is simple but not to lazy chairs, meaning ""it strange you knew. It's very wicked for a partner to be unconcern about your feelings and continue to hurt you deeply.mazzy star felt not be born thus why she want to know whether it in him or not

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