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Michael Buble - Sway - Lyrics Meaning

Michael Buble almost didn't make it into the music business, which would be a shame as it would have deprived fans of his 2005 version of "Sway". The song is a frequently redone translation of 1953 mambo song, and can be adapted to suit many circumstances. As a result, the lyrics can take on different meanings depending on who is singing the piece.

With Buble singing the piece, the song has been interpreted as a light-hearted ode to true love. The lyrics start off by describing the way that the music influences the mood of the dancer, inspiring him to reach out to the woman he loves. Rather than being forceful with her, he instead invites her in to an intimate dance with him to create longing and desire.

The lyrics also challenge the traditional notions of love as a one way conquest. Though the tone is playful, there is no doubt that it is the man who is pleading with the woman to choose him over the other candidates. Though he is wooing her pleasantly enough and begs for her affection, the song makes it clear that when it comes to romance, it is ultimately going to turn out to be ladies' choice.

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