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Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana - Lyrics Meaning

With decades of stardom and countless hit songs, Michael Jackson certainly had his fair share of fans. His Dirty Diana song from the album Bad, hit the charts and became yet another favorite among his fans, and while some of his songs had hidden meanings and questionable reasoning, his lyrics to Dirty Diana were relatively explicit and left little room for interpretation.

Michael said in an interview that Diana was a groupie who appeared to be dedicated to Michael himself, but in reality was seducing a number of different band members. This song is about Michael coming to the reality that Diana was not the girl he had originally thought she was, and he was making it known that others should be aware of her ways.

There is some speculation regarding whether or not this was a true story or just another lyrical wonder of the King of Pop. Due to his notoriety and reputation, it is unlikely that he would use the name of the actual person who did this, but more likely he used a well-known name that could be easily disguised. Some even go so far as to speculate that he was referring to Diana Ross or Princess Diana, but his lips remained sealed, though he hinted that the song was not in reference to the princess.

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